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Teacher's WebFolder

Teacher's WebFolder is a brand new way for teachers to record and access SIMS.net data through a browser.

Robert Griffith, Director of ICT at The Thomas Adams School in Shrewsbury, had this to say:

"We can use Teacher's WebFolder on anything, from a staff laptop to Macbooks and even Linux based netbooks and mobile phones, iPhones, Androids etc. In fact anything with a web browser and access to our wireless network. This flexibility has made getting accurate registers much more straightforward, hence our attendance information is always up to date and we can locate pupils and staff quickly and easily.

We can also quickly log house points and check other details on pupils quickly and simply. As an IT manager I have the reassurance that the system is not storing pupils information locally so there are no security risks to worry about.

Training on the new Teacher's WebFolder product was really quick, in fact staff were passing it between them without the IT staff having to show them what to do - a sign of how popular and easy to use the program has been"

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Frontline Technology is the holder of intellectual property related to electronic registration systems. It holds U.S. Patent No. 5956696, entitled "Attendance registration system by radio link "

The patents cover North America , Europe and Australia with respect to a specific system and method of collection and distribution of data over a wireless network and system.

Frontline Technology is actively pursuing licence agreements and seeks to enforce its rights under the patent for any infringement.


The WinFolder software is a example of the successful application of the patent with today's technology. WinFolder host extraordinary features and is used by 50,000 teachers across the UK.

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Commendation from the DCSF

The DCSF have commented on Frontline Technology Ltd’s achievements and contribution to the education sector. Stating that, "Frontline Technology Limited have researched, developed and promoted electronic registration since the early 1990s. They played a part early on in raising the profile of electronic systems for better attendance management and in improving the services available to schools. The Department welcomes innovation and investment in education from commercial suppliers."
[DCSF "European Patent (UK) No 0 664 061 Frontline Technology Limited"]


Below are some of the awards Partners (FTL patentee) has received for its achievements over the years.

2003 Hot-100 High Growth Business - Dun & Bradstreet (ranking 87)
2002 Entrepreneur of the Year - The Times and Ernest & Young (semi finalist)

The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 - Top hi-tech growth companies (Ranked 52)

2001 The Queen's Award for Enterprise – Innovation
1994 Award for Technological Innovation & design - South Thames Business Award
  1994 Gold Award for Education
Presented by Right Hon Eric Forth -School Minister
  1993 Invention of the Year (EARS) – finalist.
Presented by Prof Heinz Wolf

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